Tuesday, 12 December 2017

What a wise statement of fact, but when do we need to discipline our desires so they come in line with our goals and the things we need to study to obtain those goals?
Just a question to add to this thought.
There is a cute picture of a puppy sniffing a banana. 
“Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.” Leonardo da Vinci

Sunday, 26 November 2017

What is vector graphics?

Was looking at the education tools available and there was talk of vector graphics.
Really there are programs out there that make your jpeg picture into a drawing that would be the same thing as a vector graphic.
I was just wondering if some of these types of pictures would make them easier to be put into a program called video scribe.
Something to look into.


Thursday, 23 November 2017

This is something that was posted on Facebook, I felt that even for adult learners and those who are questioning their choice of being in a certain program this is something we need to tell our students (as their own "parents"). Sometimes we need to accept that the top mark is not what is to be valued but the value of the evaluation that we have experienced is in the process of the education leading up to the exam and what it teaches us about where we should be.

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Monday, 3 October 2016

A Summary of PIDP Learning

PIDP (Provincial Instructor Diploma Program) 

A Visual and Written Summary of Learning

PIDP 3100 Foundations of Adult Education

Adult Learning Theories -  Connectivism & Creating a place where adults can learn

PIDP 3210 Curriculum Development

Curriculum Documents - who reads them anyways?

PIDP 3220 Delivery of Instruction

 Argument Clinic

What is the face of your teaching?

PIDP 3230 Evaluation of Learning

Classroom Assessment Techniques - Punctuated Lectures

Using the tools - like computer exams and quizzes.

PIDP 3250 Instructional Strategies

As this is the last course that I have taken I have a feeling of relief as well as a feeling of wanting to learn more. Each PIDP course had its focus that allowed me to learn about various aspects of instructing and a curiosity to understand even more about the education process.
In previous education courses, I learned some adult learning theories, engagement techniques, and even program evaluation. From previous educational experiences, I have “tricks up my sleeve” regarding techniques for engagement, evaluation, and even feedback. These theories and “tricks” were reinforced while taking the PIDP courses. I enjoyed the new engagement techniques and processes for delivery of instruction that I explored.
The nursing profession gives me an understanding of professionalism and collaboration skills. I require an understanding of professional communication when working inter-professionally with other health care workers and clients in nursing.  In the same way, as an instructor, I require the same competencies when working with colleagues and students.
One of the assets I brought to the BSN program was my ability to work with technology, but even after taking the Media course, I have not learned how to make technology less time consuming. I found the blogs and discussion groups very distracting. I understand that blog and discussion group writing is not to be as disciplined as an essay but as I strive for concise writing and presentation, I spend a lot of time editing any entries I make to the blogs and discussion groups. (This little entry has taken me over 2 hours to create.) But I always have fun with media creation. 

I had not studied curriculum design in as much detail before the PIDP 3210. I learned a practical process for developing a course curriculum. For me the challenge came when I integrated that course into a pre-existing program. The BSN program requires that I am involved in the process of curriculum design at the program and course level. We have a curriculum committee with subcommittee levels that deal with nursing theory and communication as well as clinical practice. I will be able to continue my practice of the processes learned in PIDP 3210.
As a nursing instructor, I have many opportunities to use the information practised in PIDP course exercises and assignments. I used the M&M’s in little envelopes as a way of choosing groups for a presentation project. I am more methodical in the creation of my lesson plan. I would like to make a power point template that could be my lesson plan. It seems redundant to put information on a PowerPoint and a lesson plan. I continue to be involved in the technological aspects of nursing education, I will try to use some of the class feedback and engagement resources available on Moodle and the internet. I plan to get the CNA nursing educator certificate through CASN courses. As I stated in an Accreditation/Scholarship entry, instructing as well as nursing require the discipline of life-long learning and with that learning will always come the propagation of that information.